Road Out-Front Garmin Mount


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This handy Garmin Edge “Out-Front” Mount lets you take full advantage of your Edge’s capabilities without compromising your ride. This mount also gives you easier, heads-up positioning for easier monitoring and safety. It secures firmly onto the handle bars with the T25 torx bolt.


This is the longer 110mm version, which is more often used for road bikes.


Material: Nylon + Fibre Glass for durability and rigidity
Color: Black
Suitable Bar Diameter: Approx. 31.8mm
Compatibility: Compatible with Garmin Edge 500/510/520/800/810/820 and for iGS20E/20p/60/216
Product Size: Approx. 100mm * 50mm
Product Weight: Approx. 16g
Measures 100mm from centre of the bar clamp to centre of the GPS dial.


Package Includes:
1 x Mount
1 x T25 Torx Wrench